Welcome to my Wonderland!

Photos by Faun Scurlock.

I’m a photographer born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I know that sounds pretty typical for my part of the world, but I hope you find that my photography style is anything but typical. There are beautiful landscapes that you may recognize, or you may not. I’m always looking for the details that make this area so unique and beautiful. Sometimes those details are giant 100ft waterfalls, sometimes they’re the smallest clover patch in a concrete wall. Which brings me to my abstracts… They’re made up in my mind, glimpsed at through daily activities, hiding and just waiting to be found. Or put together. Some of my abstract photography encourages me to place odd objects together, like a replica diving helmet on a street reflector.

I’m constantly looking for my next image - to pull the whimsy of our area into your mind and ultimately, your heart. I don’t just make this art for my own escape, I make it for everyone’s escape. Because we all need that happy place to keep us going, to reground us, to inspire us. So please, feel free to browse my collection of whimsical wonderlands and hit me up with any questions, comments, or inspiration you have.



I also do sticker designs, patches, buttons, magnets, and camera wrist straps for the adventurers in all of us! These are great gifts for others, but don’t forget to gift yourself every once in a while, too.